Chilis on Wheels on 2015

Chilis on Wheels on 2015
Chilis on Wheels on 2015

“Our monthly outing giving vegan chili for the hungry went smoothly… This time it was just Ollie and me, so Ollie took charge of the water bottles and managed it beautifully without instruction. The best part was that we saw Bryan again, a dear man we always see, and who greeted me as: the Chili Lady! 🙂 All in all the first outing of the year was a success, and we can’t wait to get back out there next month.”

Last weekend Ollie and I went out by ourselves and I later marvelled at the fact that he saw that I needed help handing out the things, and he immediately said “I can give out the waters”, and without questions he saught out the watter bottles and gave them out to each individual we encountered. We came upon a small group of people, and I heard him count how many people there were and then count the water bottles to take out. I was very impressed with his initiative.

You may have noticed that there are no pictures of the recipients of the chili. We strive to show utmost respect, and to exercise empathy. We do not take their picture, and we limit all theatrics. We are real in that space, we remove our masks, and let our humanity shine through us. It truly is such a beautiful experience.


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