Thank you! We met our Crowdfunding goal!


Ollie and I are beyond thankful for you helping us  meet our crowdfunding campaign goal. Thank you for your donations, your shares, your likes and retweets. Your blog posts, and articles, and most importantly your kind words of encouragement and inspiration. Where are we without our hearts? Your words have helped shape an effort, of bringing vegan food, specifically vegan chili for the homeless and the hungry. Your words have filled me with a love so profound, and a gratitude so intense, that it must be shared and poured over our community. Thank you. Thank you for caring for one another. Thank you for caring about animals. Thank you for allowing Ollie and me to be of such instrumental help to our community.

There are still a couple of days left in the campaign. If we were to raise any more funds, they would still go to fund the ingredients for chili, and the most coveted water bottles.

And if you know of anyone who would like to volunteer, please pass along our information.

Thank you again!

Best always,




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