Grant award by The Pollination Project

We have been awarded a grant by The Pollination Project! Thank you for believing in us and for helping us bring vegan chili to those that arehungry!

Check out the link where we are announced. Here

Thank you! Seed the Change!



5 thoughts on “Grant award by The Pollination Project

  1. What kind of effectiveness measures will you apply in order to validate the usefulness of your project to your sponsor (if you hope for a renewal at the end of your term)?

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    • This is a one-time grant. They fund projects that are just starting, like ours. But our effectiveness (right now) lies in how many people we feed. To that end, our program will always be looking for expansion. Eventually, once we have a space of our own, we can incorporate other goals (such as help navigating the system of aid, instructing the community how to grow some of their own vegetables) but right now our only goal is to offer vegan meals to people in need, and as such effectiveness lies in numbers. How many people we were able to provide a meal for.


    • Oh and the advertising mentioned in the article (which is funded) is aimed at the community, so they know they can find us on Saturdays at a specific time and place to receive a meal.


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