Thanks to the base on which we stand

volunteeringThank you to the following people who made a contribution (monetary or in kind) to our successful crowdfunding campaing. In no particular order, here is the base on which Chilis on Wheels stands on. To say a mere thank you is an understatement to the profound gratitude I feel towards your support. You inspire me and encourage me and thanks to you we can bring vegan chili to the hungry on a weekly basis.

(Note: If you do not see your name on this list, and you made a contribution, please get in touch with me. There are a number of entries that left the Name field blank.)


Danny Navarro
Conni VanBilliard
Tanja Giles
Philip Kiernan
Laura Kolbe Dotterer
Sagrario Leon
Sheila Gray
Chloe Cangardel
Joanne Ehret
Christine Wilhite
Jessica Pena
Lisa Angerame
Cathy Kramer
Cristina Cruz
Alfonso Perez
Jaspreet Kindra
Vanessa Massel
Cara Ahern
Genevieve Mathis
Jamie Wronka
David Benzaquen
Jason Stone
Eric Hopf
Kimberly M
Diane Rodriguez
Michelle newton
Hugues Dallaire
Amy McKinnon
Evelyn Zyla
Heather Channon
Sunthai Constantini
M.C. Waldrep
Richard Egan
Lisa Edmonds
Richard Rankin
Ruth Allison
Patty Raschel
Kelly Hoiness
Gipsy plis
Sarah Walker
Jessica Pizzillo
Michele Burlot
Jessica Caviness
Dawn Moncrief
Aimee Pacheco
Maritza De Jesús
Jessica Bourdon
Jasmin Singer
Valerie Belt
Lauren Ornelas
Ivette Landron
Angel Ruiz Miranda
Shawn Faherty
Arvind Dotiyal
Rosemary Campobasso
Jeff Jennewein
Janette Lawrence
Karen Hutchins




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