Saturday Distribution- and starting traditions

Another Saturday, another chili distribution.


We love several things, here at Chilis on Wheels. Brown paper packages tied up with string….

We love chili








To tie up two of those topics together, we are going to express gratitude in tradition. Traditions have been a corner stone to Chilis on Wheels since it’s inception. The very first time that I made a batch of chili, packed it into bowls and took it to the people was intended as the beginning of a yearly family tradition. Fast forward and a yearly tradition is now a weekly one. Well, we have decided to start a tradition of acknowledging not just the volunteers, who are the heart of our efforts, but also the donors without whom none of this would be possible. Today’s distribution of 41 bowls of vegan chili was made possible by donations provided by: Tanja Giles, Philip Kiernan and Laura Dotterer. Thank you!

A BIG thank you to our volunteers, Hilda and Leia, Johelsy, Beverly, Carmen, and Thorin who also provided delicious vegan cornbread!

As the weather gets warmer, the parks start coming alive and we start reaching a lot more people, not just those that share a meal with us, but also the ones that look out of the corner of their eyes, the ones that smile at us and nod their heads, or the ones that ourtight ask us why we are doing what we do. We reach them with the message of compassion. Hopefully when they see our kiddos handing out the chili, they will be inspired to take action and become involved in their community. Hopefully when they see the word vegan they will make the connection in struggles, or be curious and do some research. I was surprised today at the number of people that asked me what the word vegan meant. We tend to surround ourselves with people of similar background to us, with similar interests, and similar world views, to the point that we can easily fall into alienation, disconnection with the world at large. Today’s numerous questions about veganism made me realize that there’s a larger world out there that I forget still exists, and can still be reached.

We reached so many people, but we can tell we are starting to become a welcomed fixed part of the community when the guys are starting to call us, The Chili Group.

Thank you all! We will be back out there next Saturday!

Team of chili runners, Johelsy, Hilda, Leia and Ollie.
Team of chili runners, Johelsy, Hilda, Leia and Ollie.
Carmen and Ollie distribute chili and partake on some vegan cornbread.
Carmen and Ollie distribute chili and partake on some vegan cornbread.
Community Sharing Vegan Chili.
Community Sharing Vegan Chili.

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