The Chili Treasure: a beautiful gift

Today I met the sweetest most beautiful people in New York. I am oficially giving them the title. Em Clare and her husband are both retired teachers. He is now a movie extra, and appears in corners of advertisements for “The Knick” in NY buses. Their positive and kind energy is contagious, and they had an easy, fun and caring repertoire between them. I fell in love with them instantly.

The most beautiful people in New York
The most beautiful people in New York

They came all the way down from North of Manhattan to entrust a piece of furniture that has been in their family for years, as Em says “through family traditions and transitions”. A beautiful piece, once designed for record players now painted chili red because “my son loved the Red Hot Chili Peppers band”. Their children are now away, and they are they are making room in their homes, and they chose Chilis on Wheels as the furniture’s destination.

Chili Treasure
Chili Treasure

The Chili Treasure as I now call it, holds our weekly groceries and our weekly supplies. (It also serves to display one of Ollie’s latest paintings of a whale.) As I placed and arranged the groceries and the supplies on it, I felt the same positive energy emanating from the Chili Treasure, as it had from the lovely couple, and I thought, the treasure is also the treasure map. For gloomy rainy days like the ones we have been having, the Chili Treasure is a reminder that in order to find joy, one must realize it’s already there all around us. Thank you Em, for thinking of us to entrust your treasure, for bringing us such joy this rainy morning, for sharing your beautiful heart. The Chili Treasure will be well taken care of and loved, will help house the food that will feed many, and will be a part of Chilis on Wheels history for years to come, as will you.


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