Doing the math: 1+1+you=600 vegan chili

I sat down and tallied up the total amount of vegan chili servings distributed to the homeless and the community in New York, Boston, and Puerto Rico. We have served over 600 meals since our inception. 600+ meals!

I’m a little in awe.

Community Sharing Vegan Chili.
Community Sharing Vegan Chili.

I want to deeply thank our volunteers, our chapter coordinators, our supporters, our Founding Contributors, A Well Fed World, The Pollination Project, AMNY, Eyewitness News, Despierta America, numerous other amazing blogs and webpages that have featured us, and everyone who chipped in during our initial crowdfunding campaign. I am so incredibly grateful that you have believed in me and my efforts, that you have trusted Ollie and I to bring these meals to the community, and that you have allowed me to spread the vegan message of compassion to animals, the environment, and people. Thank you for being a part of these efforts.


I also want to profoundly thank the community which has received us with open arms, and which fill us with real joy week after week. You are the reason.

A gentleman enjoys our vegan chili. Photo by Hilda Candelario
A gentleman enjoys our vegan chili.
Photo by Hilda Candelario

I am extremely overwhelmed with happiness at that large number of meals distributed, and we are just getting started! We have a lot of plans for the future and we hope you can continue the journey with us.

From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!

distribution 3.7.2


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