About Michelle and Ollie

Michelle Carrera
Michelle Carrera

Michelle Carrera is a veteran vegan, animal rights, environmental, and social justice activist. Originally from Puerto Rico, she has run the gamut of activism. Michelle began her adult life as an animal rescuer, part of the founding team of Asociación Protectora de Animales de Cabo Rojo in Puerto Rico. She was cofounder of Latinos for Animal Protection which provided social media services to Latin American animal protection organizations including San Francisco de Asís Animal Sanctuary in Puerto Rico. She has participated in countless campaigns, marches, petitions, workshops, humane education classes for a wide range of animal rights organizations. She has also worked in adult literacy, immigration, food justice and reproductive rights initiatives. This wide spectrum of activism has shaped her view of connected struggles and has led her to create Chilis on Wheels. She is a freelance English/Spanish translator, a vegan coach and unschooling mother to her vegan son. Her passion is food, gardening, and justice.



Ollie, a vegan since birth has participated in various animal rights, environmental and social justice protests and marches. When asked what his purpose in life is, he replies “To be a Good Guy”. Ollie is an integral part of Chilis on Wheels, helping throughout the entire process of cooking, packing, and distributing the vegan chili. The face of Chilis on Wheels, Ollie loves Minecraft, Five Night at Freddy’s, Superheroes, and cooking.

For more about Ollie, please watch the following video where he talks about Chilis on Wheels and feeding the homeless. 


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