About Star Friends of CoW

The following people are super important to our work at Chilis on Wheels. Without them our lives would be so much harder. They brighten our days, and give of their time and their talents. We are so lucky to count on them! They are our stars!


Ivan Gutierrez Ivan Gutierrez

Ivan is our co-Founder,  our in-house designer, producing our marketing materials and logos. He is also in charge of our weekly strategic cart packing. Ivan has been a straightedge vegan for a very long time. He currently attends the Fashion Institute of Technology for packaging design. Ivan loves toys, legos, and metal.


Julianna CalvarusoJulianna Calvaruso

Julianna is our Volunteer Coordinator. She is a high school student, on her Senior year from Brooklyn. She is vegan, and serves as Vice-President of The Student Advocates for Animal Rights at Edward R. Murrow High School. She does vegan outreach with Mercy for Animals and has spent some time volunteering at animal shelters. She loves vegan desserts, animals, and movies.




Hilda and Leia Candelario
Hilda and Leia Candelario

Hilda Candelario

Hilda is our most committed volunteer. Every week she brings her cheery enthusiasm and genuine friendliness to our chili distributions. Everyone that we meet in the streets love her, as do we! She is currently studying to be a midwife. Hilda is the mother of our youngest star volunteer, Leia.



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