Saturday Distribution- Numbers, People, Pictures


It’s easy for me to get hung up on numbers. I was a program data director for non-profits in my previous life. My days revolved around numbers, goals and outcomes, meeting quotas, measuring progress. Now as I seek funding for Chilis on Wheels, I also go back to my training and concentrate on numbers, which foundations seem to thrive on. This weekend alone was fantastic for numbers: In NY: 125 meals. 200 water bottles, 4 dog-food bags. 12 vegan education engagements; in San Diego: 30 meals, 30 water bottles; in Puerto Rico: 15 meals, 13 water bottles, 4 dog food bags. The numbers were great! But, it’s not about numbers. I am not removed from what we do. 125 meals, means 125 people, with faces and names and lives, experiencing hardships at a level I cannot thoroughly understand.

125 people that stop to chat with us and wish us luck, and shake our hands, and allow us to glimpse a world beyond our own, allow us for a very brief period of time, to understand that the world does not in fact revolve around us. And I’m not going to lie, it give us a sense of purpose in our lives and a satisfaction of doing our part to ease someone else’s hardship even if it is as momentary a relief, as providing lunch, and a smile, and a chat, and handshake.

distribution 5.30a

This weekend the kids really stepped up. Ollie and Bear scouted the park letting people know that we were there, encouraging them to get a warm meal. They then also gave out chili and water at the table. I really enjoy seeing the kids engaged in their community, having a positive frame around the word “work”, and really having genuine fun helping people.

Bear, Christopher, and Ollie scout the park.
Bear, Christopher, and Ollie scout the park.
Bear gives out chili and water at the table-
Bear gives out chili and water at the table-
Ollie distributes water-
Ollie distributes water- **Photo by Laura Kolbe Dotterer**

Our other youth, our teenagers were also Veganteers with us this weekend. Grace, a senior from Ed Murrow, became team leader as she took charge of a cart and distributed along Avenue C and the park’s vicinity.

Grace- Senior from Ed Murrow- Chilis on Wheels Team Leader- distributing chili
Grace- Senior from Ed Murrow- Chilis on Wheels Team Leader- distributing chili **Photo by Laura Kolbe Dotterer**

While at a table we met a number of people curious about veganism and we talked to them about it, and shared ways in which they too can incorporate compassion in their diet. Some kind people even made donations, with which we purchased more water bottles as we ran low.

Kind woman making a donation-
Kind woman making a donation- we mostly depend on individual donations and are super grateful to our donors! **Photo by Laura Kolbe Dotterer**

Overall it was another great Saturday distribution, and a huge thanks goes to the people whose donations made it possible: Amanda Fields and Ronald Manning. And a huge thanks to our Veganteers: Anthony, Julianna, Christopher, Bear, Ollie, Ivan, Grace, Melissa, and Laura.

The numbers don’t lie, we ARE providing a much needed service to the community, and we are ambitious in our goals of becoming a permanent vegan food-hub in the community, but it’s because of people like John and Ed, and Tyrone, Aaron, and Maria. Because we want to help one another, because food should be free and no one should ever go hungry, and animals are lives and should never be considered food.

**Here are some pictures of the distribution, courtesy of Laura Kolbe Dotterer. (Stay tuned in a few days for pictures of San Diego and Puerto Rico’s distribution!)**

distribution 5.30LKDy
John and Ed
distribution 5.30LKDu
We added a bed of rice in order to stretch out our portions
distribution 5.30LKDv
Distributing chili
distribution 5.30LKDw
distribution 5.30LKDt
We feed the entire family- vegan chili and vegan dog food
distribution 5.30LKDs
Grace and Melissa- teenagers from Ed Murrow High School take a break after a chili run
distribution 5.30LKDr
distribution 5.30LKDq
Tony shared thoughts on chili in differents parts of the world
distribution 5.30LKDp
Antwon who just got back from Philadelphia
distribution 5.30LKDo
In between crowds
distribution 5.30LKDn
Chilis on Wheels Drive thru
distribution 5.30LKDl
Fun in the community
distribution 5.30LKDk
Ollie distributes
distribution 5.30LKDj
Anthony distributes
distribution 5.30LKDi
Julianna distributes
distribution 5.30LKDh
distribution 5.30LKDf
distribution 5.30LKDe
distribution 5.30LKDd
Ollie had some vegan chocolate ice cream!
distribution 5.30LKDc
distribution 5.30LKDb
At the table
distribution 5.30LKDa1
distribution 5.30e
Giving out the napkins
distribution 5.30a4
distribution 5.30LKDz
John and Ed
distribution 5.30a7
We are done for the week. See you next time!
distribution 5.30a6
distribution 5.30a5
Ollie helps tie up the carts with the bungee chords
Chilis on Wheels- Help us dish out compassion! Donate today.
Chilis on Wheels- Help us dish out compassion! Donate today.



Unmatched Saturday Distribution! 200 people served!

2 24 QT pots of chili
1 smaller pot in an electric burner
2 pans of corn bread
4 cases of water bottles

That’s how our Saturday distribution of vegan chili started. We packed it all up and drove to the city. Upon crossing the street in to the park and before even clearing the ramp we were swamped by a crowd of people asking for a chili. We have never had an experience like this. People were shoving each other, trying to get something to eat. Think about it, they are so hungry they were pushing and shoving to get something to eat. My world was transformed this Saturday, once again.

distribution 5.23s
The crowd having us barely make it into the sidewalk.
distribution 5.23i
The crowd.
Making a line.
Making a line.

Thankfully, Stephanie saw us and came to us and helped us manage the crowd and give out the chili. We could not have done it without her. People listened to her and respected her, and then made a line that we took care of. In 5 to 10 minutes we gave out close to 60 of those chili meals.

distribution 5.23g
Stephanie, who helped us manage the crowd. Thank you so much! You were amazing!


None of the volunteers had yet even arrived!! What were we going to do?!

Julianna went to get bagels at a nearby supermarket. Anthony bought bags of vegan sandwiches from a nearby health food store. Jon from Community Solidarity who we just happened to see by coincidence had a case of bananas on his car and gave it to us to distribute. Day Saved!

Volunteers came, a lot this week, and we stayed in Tompkins Square Park since need was so overwhelming there. We served 200 people in this park alone! 200!

Our volunteers really saved the day though. Ollie and Bear gave out the bananas and later scouted the park telling people we were there. Volunteers prepared some sandwiches and bagels and also went around in the perimeter of the park and its close vicinity.

distribution 5.23o
Making vegan sandwiches and bagels
distribution 5.23m
New Veganteers- Jamison and Candace
distribution 5.23c
Giving out bagels
distribution 5.23d
Distributing vegan meals
distribution 5.23e
Bear and Ollie take a snack break after distributing bananas and scouting the park for people to come get their meals.


distribution 5.23t
Edward Murrow Student Advocates for Animal Rights gals! (and Audrey)


We met Israel, who has lived in the Lower East Side for 50 years and he told us there has been a lot of changes, that there is a lot less poverty now, but that people are still hurting.  He also filled me in on a little history of Tompklns Square Park, how it has seen riots because “people get angry when they don’t have anything to eat”. And a little more research upon this park proves his point. The birthplace of so many political uprisings, what an amazing park.

Israel- who gave me a history on Tompkins Square Park: "People get angry when they don't have something to eat."
Israel- who gave me a history on Tompkins Square Park: “People get angry when they don’t have something to eat.”

We met Andrea, a vegetarian travelling from New Orleans. She’s trying to go vegan and the guy she’s staying with is vegan so she thinks she’ll be able to do it. She took some of the new Evolve for Animals leaflets.

Andrea- transitioning to veganism.
Andrea- transitioning to veganism.

We met Cassandra, she lives nearby and happened to stumble across us. She loved the chili and will be coming back next week to get more. She thanked us profusely for being out here.


If I learned something this Saturday is that our model has already been outgrown. Until we find a kitchen where we can prepare three times, four times as much food, we will not be able to spread out as much as I had anticipated and our service will be this localized and specific and limited. I continue sending proposals to fund a space, as well as reaching out to churches and community centers in Manhattan to see if they would allow us to use their kitchens. Something is bound to materialize eventually. All I know is that I stumbled upon this need, and it has transformed into my calling. I cannot ignore it, and I am obsessively trying to improve it and grow it, all in the service of the community and while being compassionate to animals, the environment, and people.

This week’s distribution was made possible by contributions from Ruth Allison and Mark Meunier and by on the spot donations and amazing volunteer work of our Veganteers: Julianna, Grace, Melissa, Hannah, Anthony, Audrey, Nick, Alyssa, Jamison, Candace, Sebastian, Dave, Christopher, Bear, Ollie, and Ivan.

We are making a difference in the lives of people! 200 people this week!

Saturday Distribution with amazing photography

In our building's lobby before packing it all up in the zip car.
In our building’s lobby before packing it all up in the zip car.

Distribution of May 9, 2015 started as usual, with a kitchen full of chili and water bottles, and high spirits for the day. We again rented a zip car in order to take us to the city. It is the best option for us right now because the carts are super heavy in the beginning and they are really hard to take up and down stairs in the subway. However, this is an expensive alternative. It runs us 30 to 40 dollars a week that we could be putting into food (that would be 20-25 complete meals). If we could find a volunteer with a car that would be willing to drive us to the city every week it would be a blessing for us.

We made it to the city and met up with our volunteers. Arvind came all the way from Boston to volunteer and meet us and see how it’s done and perhaps form a chapter there. We were very excited to meet him and his friend Suman, and would love for the Boston chapter to form. We also met up with my friend Laura who would volunteer and take pictures. She is a fantastic photographer and we were very excited to have her with us. And we met with my gals from Edward Murrow High School, the Animal Advocates for Animal Rights, my favorite crew, my high schoolers, Brianna and Grace.

We split into groups and hit the streets. The weather was cloudy and not a lot of people gathered around. Not as many as usual. We made it to Washington Square Park pretty fast and set up there, but again we did not have a lot of traffic. Our plan had been to have an offshoot team go into Central Park but last minute developments made us change course and instead all of us packed up and headed off to Tompkins Square Park.

We missed the park on the way there and got a little lost in Alphabet City, but we also gave out a lot of chilis in that section of town. By the time that we got back on course and found Tomkins Sq. Park, we had around 15 chilis left and we gave them out in 20 minutes. It made us realize that we need to play around with our routes a little more. Because we have a limited amount of food that we can give out, we need to be strategic in our delivery. We came to the conclusion that we need to experiment with our routes in the next couple of weeks in order to safely say “this is the best route”. Our plan for next week is to begin in Tompkins Sq. Park and make our way to Wash Park and Union Square. If we have the volunteers that we can spare, we will send an offshoot team to hit up Central Park.

We met some beautiful people in the way. One guy said “Hey, you’re the Chili Ladies!”, and then proceeded to tell me how he does not remember quite well when he saw us sometime in the winter, because he was ill, but that the warm chili made him feel a lot better, and helped him “come back”.

The gals met a lady who would not take the chili unless she gave something back. So she gave them some honey buns and insisted on the trade. The gals then gave the honey buns away as well.

We met a deaf man who did not understand us, but when we took the chili out to show him, he beamed up and clapped. His face of surprise and joy is still with me.

We talked a little more with Danny, the man who for the very first time called me “The Chili Lady” and whose affection encouraged me to grow Chilis on Wheels. His family comes from North Carolina. He moved here in 1965 when he was 13 years old, and he says this city has changed so much, mostly for the worst.

We met some guys who took the chili but not the water. They had a bottle of water next to them and they said “Why take more than we need?” And that so perfectly summarizes the way the world should be, the world we are trying so hard to build, the biggest lesson I am trying to leave upon my son. This was Mother’s Day weekend, and after that encounter, the motto for the weekend and perhaps my life became “Don’t take more than you need.”

We gave out 79 chilis, 100+ water bottles, 2 dog food bags, thanks to contributions made by Amanda Fields, Sarah Wolf, and Ronald Manning. A huge thank you to our volunteers Laura, Arvind, Suman, Grace, Brianna, Hannah, Julianna, Ivan and Ollie!  I leave you with the photos from the distribution by my dear friend Laura Kolbe Dotterer:

distribution 5.9a LKB
Ollie enjoys a chili and keeps an eye on donations.
distribution 5.9e LKB
With the beautiful gals from Edward Murrow High School- Student Advocates for Animal Rights. I love these ladies!
distribution 5.9b LKB
Union Square
distribution 5.9c LKB
Tompkins Square Park
distribution 5.9d LKB
Alphabet City
distribution 5.9f LKB
Meeting up- waiting for volunteers-
distribution 5.9g LKB
Billy who sang “Chili Today. Tomorrow Tamale!”
distribution 5.9h LKB
distribution 5.9i LKB
Washington Square Park
distribution 5.9j LKB
Washington Square Park
distribution 5.9k LKB
Washington Square Park
distribution 5.9l LKB
Washington Square Park
distribution 5.9m LKB
Chilis on Wheels Youth!
distribution 5.9n LKB
Washington Square Park
distribution 5.9o LKB
Washington Square Park
distribution 5.9p LKB
Washington Square Park
distribution 5.9q LKB
Cappuccino & Tattoo – Lower East Side
distribution 5.9r LKB
Union Square Park
distribution 5.9s LKB
Alphabet City
distribution 5.9t LKB
ee cummings- Lower East Side
distribution 5.9u LKB
Tompkins Square Park
distribution 5.9v LKB
Tompkins Square Park
distribution 5.9w LKB
Shameless the dog enjoyed a chili (and we left a bag of vegan dog food behind for her)
distribution 5.9x LKB
He called us “The Chili Ladies!” and thanked us for a chili on a winter day when he did not feel well.
distribution 5.9y LKB
Ollie Carrera
distribution 5.9z LKB
Ollie and Julianna, our Volunteer Coordinator
distribution 5.9z1LKB
With Suman and Arvind- volunteers from Boston!
distribution 5.9z2 LKB
Washington Square Park
distribution 5.9z3 LKB
West Village
distribution 5.9z4 LKB
In the West Village
distribution 5.9z5 LKB
Ollie- Lower East Side
distribution 5.9z6 LKB
Lower East Side- I wish I knew sign language, his face when he saw the chili is still imprinted in my memory.
distribution 5.9z7 LKB
With Suman and Arvind- volunteers from Boston!
distribution 5.9z8 LKB
In action-
distribution 5.9z9 LKB
Lower East Side
distribution 5.9za LKB
Washington Square Park
distribution 5.9zb LKB
Danny telling us about the changing city
distribution 5.9zc LKB
With Laura Dotterer- the photographer and my friend!
distribution 5.9zd LKB
Washington Square Park
distribution 5.9ze LKB
Tompkins Square Park
distribution 5.9zf LKB
Chili Team!
distribution 5.9zg LKB
Lower East Side
distribution 5.9zh LKB
Michelle Carrera and Ollie Carrera in Washington Square Park
distribution 5.9zi LKB
Ollie tired after a long day’s work

distribution 5.9zj LKB

CoW Portland delivers 31 meals!

The Portland chapter of Chilis on Wheels had their first trial vegan chili run! They distributed 31 meals!

They are owners of Open Source Cafe, an amazing vegan food truck, and so they already have perfect facilities to make and distribute the chili.

Biscuits and cole slaw
Biscuits and cole slaw
Serving the chili
Serving the chili
Peter and Kim preparing the vegan meals
Peter and Kim preparing the vegan meals

They prepared chili, coleslaw, and biscuits! All vegan of course!

Kim reports to being surprised at the amount of women that they met living in the streets. Statistically in the United States 38% of people sleeping in shelters are women. It’s a lower number than their male counterpart, but it’s still pretty high, and this does not include people that sleep in the streets.


Kim in the chili run
Kim in the chili run
Chilis on Wheels arrives
Chilis on Wheels arrives

They took a lot of pictures. I am included some here, for the rest, go to their Facebook page: “Like” them if you haven’t already and congratulate them on their amazing first outing!

Chilis on Wheels in a truck!
Chilis on Wheels in a truck!

This picture made me particularly emotional. They made a banner to put on the side of their truck with our logo and our slogan. I admit to breaking down in tears when I saw it. It dawned on me that the efforts that Ollie, Ivan, and I started have become so much large than us and those initial 15 meals we prepared. Chilis on Wheels is now in 4 states and Puerto Rico. It’s amazing, really. I am overflowed with gratitude to Peter and Kim for taking it to Portland, to our supporters, our fans, our friends, our family, our community.

We are just getting started!

Chilis on Wheels: Portland!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a Chilis on Wheels Portland Chapter!

It will be led by Kim Georgeades and Peter Van.

Kim Georgeades and Peter Van- Portland Chapter Coordinators
Kim Georgeades and Peter Van- Portland Chapter Coordinators


Kim Georgeades

Portland native mom and hairdresser with one teenage kid still in the nest.  We’re living a strict vegan life with kindness toward all living creatures (including our darling kitty Cecelia and sassy puppy Guthrie) as our #1 drive. Partnering up with my #1 fave fellow vegan man to focus on helping hungry folks.


Peter Van

I am a recovering software consultant turned food cart owner. I run a cart, Open Source Cafe in Southeast Portland offering plant-based comfort food such as chili and vegan Philly Cheese Steaks.  My mission is to offer reasonably priced, ethically sourced food for busy vegans on the go and to provide an easy access point to plant-based, cruelty-free diet for non-vegan folks.

I’m raising two big-hearted girls (8 and 15) who will be working right alongside us. While I have a bit of activist in me, my approach is always to be non-judgmental, non-confrontational, and apolitical at point of service. I’m thrilled to be partnering with Portland’s premier vegan stylist to extend the reach of Chilis On Wheels.

Thank you Kim and Peter! They will be starting distribution early next week! Like them on Facebook, give them a warm welcome, and stay tuned for their upcoming vegan chili distribution!

Saturday Distribution (with lots of pictures!)

Our Saturday Distribution started off heavy. We packed 76 vegan chili portions, three cases and a half of waters, and some vegan dog food bags into three carts. The carts had never been heavier. We want to sincerely thank Ivan for all he does. He sometimes becomes the invisible hand, but his work for Chilis on Wheels is greatly appreciated. He strategically packs the bowls into bags, as I serve them, and then the bags into carts. Ollie and I could not carry those heavy carts down two flights of stairs. He then helps us take the carts into the city, then heads back to Brooklyn to go to work. So although we do not say it enough, thank you Ivan!

Ivan carrying down the carts
Ivan carrying down the carts
Michelle with the bags of dog food
Michelle with the bags of dog food

Julianna met us at the apartment and helped us with the carts in the train (they are becoming so hard to take that we are considering renting a Zip Car on Saturday mornings to take us to the city.) While in the train, a pregnant woman comes into the car and asks for help, food, or Avon products that she sells to support herself and her family. We talked to her, and offered her a chili which she sat down immediately to eat, and which she said was delicious. Her name is Beatrice b. Williams, and we took her Avon information. If you are interested in any products, please help her out. She is facing hard times but she has a strong spirit and she just needs a little help. You can go to: and she will receive the commission. You can also call her at (360) 530-5322 or email her at We did not get a picture with her, the train was crowded and it wasn’t appropriate, but we hope you can help her out.  It dawned on me that we can try to use our platform to not just to provide emergency relief meals but also to help those that are seeking opportunities. Beatrice wants to provide for her family, let’s help her by ordering some products! (NOTE: Avon does not test on animals, and they have some vegan products, you can visit this link for a list of them: here )

When we got off the train, as Julianna was trying to find the volunteers she had recruited from Edward Murrow High School Key Club, Ivan spotted Jim, a regular customer, and went to give him a chili. Jim is an Army veteran, and a plumber by trade, but he is willing to do any type of work. Every week he asks me if I have any jobs for him. I have posted on Facebook before about his job quest, but I have not been successful in finding him any gigs. He told Ivan that he managed to get a construction gig and it required him to buy a hard hat, which he collected enough money for and purchased. However when he showed up to work, they told him he needed to have a harness too, and that they would not provide that, and Jim did not have enough for a harness. Ivan came back and told me the situation, and I said, let’s go get him the harness. I gave Ivan my card and told him to go to the Home Depot on 23rd street and get it. Alas, Home Depot was out of stock. Which could have been a blessing in disguise, since those harnesses are priced at around $50! (a little steep for me!) Here’s a link to it in amazon: If you can purchase it for Jim, you can either send it to us and we will deliver it to him (get in touch at ) or you can give it to Jim directly. He hangs out in 17th street and Park Avenue South. THIS is how we can make a real difference in people’s lives.

We met up with the amazing and eager high school students. We split up into two teams and hit the streets.

Students from the Key Club from Edward Murrow High School
Students from the Key Club from Edward Murrow High School
Team of Chili Runners in action
Team of Chili Runners in action

They distributed the chili and connected with people, and were gracious and kind, hard working and a joy to be around. I am in awe of participartory youth. They are such an inspiration! Chilis on Wheels, and the world is lucky to count on such amazing young people!

We met Matthew, a young man who although faces hard times himself, also helps out. He says a bakery gives him a large bag filled with their leftover bread, and he takes it to the park and distributes it. He told me of Franccesca, the Patron Saint, who visited him a few months ago and told him he needed to help those in need as well. Matthew was kind and funny and a pleasure to talk to. Thank you Matthew for what you do! He wanted us to take a picture of his back tattoo:

Matthew's tattoo- he wanted us to take a picture of
Matthew’s tattoo- he wanted us to take a picture of

We saw a homeless young lady with her dog. We gave her a chili and a bottle of water, and a bag of dog food. She did not want to be photographed, but allowed us to take a picture of Charlie, a sweet boy. She was very appreciative of the dog food, as she was almost running out of food for him. She said he was her companion and her protector and she took better care of him than she did of herself.


We finally made it to the park and met up with the other chili runner team. We spent some time at the table and met up with our new volunteers, Karla and Rodrigo. They are vegan dancers, and really lovely people. We look forward to further collaborations in the future!

Everyone is busy at the table
Everyone is busy at the table
With our new volunteers and friends, Karla and Rodrigo
With our new volunteers and friends, Karla and Rodrigo

Soon after, we divided into teams again. Two teams of chili runners and the team that stayed behind at the table.

Tariq and Karla joke around. Such a flow of positive energy!

The teams came back. We reunited, we had a little talk, some of the students want to come back and volunteer. Julianna and I continued by ourselves. We met Antonio:


Antonio is a vegan, and we had a great time talking to him about veganism and about bringing it to our communities, to our inner cities and he said:  “if people change their diet, it will change the way they act”. He talked about kindness and positive energy and a life free of violence, starting with a diet free of violence. By the end of our conversation, I had goosebumps, he said “That’s positive energy right there. We are brother and sister now.” I gave him a hug. Our day was coming to a great close but it was not over just yet.

We continued on our way and met Italian Ice, a rapper (who said he one time played with Brazil’s national soccer team, but alas I don’t know soccer).

Italian Ice
Italian Ice

As we were handing him out the last of our chili, a man heads over to us and says “I see you doing a good thing. Here.” He handed me some folded up bills. “Thank you. Keep doing nice things.” His name was Chris and he was a tourist from Germany who apparently had watched us for a little bit as we handed out the food, and was touched by our work. Thank you, Chris! Kind words do keep us going, and you went out of your way to appreciate our work!

And that was our day. It was filled with hard work, but also filled with an amazing gratitude and satisfaction, and a full heart. Thank you to our volunteers: Ivan, Ollie, Julianna, Erin, Hannah, Gretta, Jeadelle, Riley, Karla, and Rodrigo. Thank you to to the contributions that made this possible: Martiza deJesus, Freddy Rivera, Denise Washington, Jamison Ba. All in all we gave out 76 chili servings, and 78 water bottles, and 2 dog food bags.  And at the same time, Chilis on Wheels Puerto Rico was doing their own monthly distribution. It was great knowing that across the ocean, we were also doling out compassion! (Stay tuned for a special report from them, coming soon!)

I hope that we can continue to do good things for/with our community! That we can help, not just with the vegan meals that we give out, but by rounding up our contacts and making sustainable change for some of the people we encounter, like Beatrice with her Avon selling, and Jim with his construction harness. Do consider helping them directly, or through us.

For a just, more compassionate world for ALL!

Chilis on Wheels goes to the dogs

We would like to happily announce the introduction of a new component to Chilis on Wheels and its chapters. With the warmer weather making it comfortable to be outdoors,  we have met more and more people living in the street with their dogs.

Nick and Dean.  "Dean is my best friend. I don't know what I would do without him."
Nick and Dean.
“Dean is my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without him.”

While we are helping people by giving them a chili and a bottle of water, we feel that we are leaving out the other important members of their families. Starting this weekend, this is going to change! We will be handing out half-gallon ziplock bags filled with dog food.

Nature's Recipe- Healthy Skin- Vegetarian (the formula is vegan)
Nature’s Recipe- Healthy Skin- Vegetarian Recipe (the formula is vegan)

We have chosen to purchase Nature’s Recipe- Healthy Skin- Vegetarian Recipe. (Their recipe is vegan eventhough they choose to use the word Vegetarian in their marketing.) This way our compassion is not compromised, and we are able to extend our service to the full families we meet in the street and in the community.

We are very excited about this new initiative!

Stay tuned this weekend to see how our distribution with this new component goes! Compassion and Justice for ALL!